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AnteraShots is the companion app to our desktop application Antera. Use it to acquire clinical images from any iOS device and perform direct Wi-Fi transfer to Antera without any preliminary configuration. Images acquired with AnteraShots show up directly within the running Antera session. No browsing for images files---zero manual effort.

How it works


AnteraShots allows you to seamlessly transfer photos from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple or Windows Computer. Simply download and install AnteraShots from the Apple store.Run the App on your iOS device and the Antera software on your computer, making sure that they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can now take an image and transferring it to your computer at a click of a button. Using the Antera editor you can create clients’ photo IDs or add full face photos or clinical images of your clients to the Antera report.


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