Last year we purchased the Antera 3D camera, prioritising it over the Nd:Yag applicator for our Intense Pulsed Light equipment. While the business case for investing in a skin analysis tool was less apparent, it is now obvious that we made the right decision. The Antera 3D – thanks to its excellent 3D image quality, ease of use, portability and accurate assessment of skin wrinkles, texture, pigmentation and redness – plays a key part in our daily interaction with our clients, from the initial consultation stage, through to the planning of a tailored treatment plan, the monitoring of its efficacy and final assessment. The Antera 3D is a powerful assessment tool that provides clinicians with objective data and crucial information in choosing the best treatments. The Antera 3D helps us to engage our patients in the process of evaluating the problems of their skin and to actively involve them in the decision of the best treatment plan. This transparent process helps cementing the trust between clinician and patients, resulting in more treatments sold to patients after consultations and ensuring that patients stick to a treatment course by showing them objective progress reports.

Dr. Sebastián Cintolesi - Medical Director Stetikmed Aesthetics Medical Group Chile www.stetikmed.cl/index.php

The use of the ANTERA 3D camera in my private cosmetic practice really helps me to save time and energy. Taking a pre or post treatment image only takes a few seconds, and the post treatment image strengthens my clinical judgement by quantifying the percentage of improvement. Patients love to see an objective percentage of their clinical improvement. When they can’t remember how they were at the beginning of a treatment, the ANTERA 3D avoids long discussions by quantifying the improvement.

Maurice Adatto, MD - President (past) of the European Society for Laser Dermatology Geneva, Switzerland.

I originally purchased the Antera 3D as an R&D tool to help me develop new treatment protocols and showcase my results at international conferences. I realized very soon that the Antera 3D is a powerful consultation tool that helps me during my everyday activity. Showing my patients the defects of their skin, such as pigmentation variation, vascular anomalies and textural problems, is extremely effective to convince them to do a treatment.

Matteo Tretti Clementoni, MD - Milan, Italy

Antera 3D is a small, quick and precise camera. I cannot believe that tiny Antera 3D analyzes not only melanin and haemoglobin, but wrinkles’ depth and width in a second! I regularly examine my patients using the Antera 3D. I can see together with my patients that, for example, growth factor induced electroporation improved their skin tone and texture. Thick melanin density is reduced and irregular distribution decreased, while deep wrinkles and large hair pores have also clearly shrunk.

Shinichi Terada, MD, PhD - Board certified plastic surgeon, Director of Funabashi Eucaly Clinic, Chiba, Japan.

With Antera 3D™, all the elements of aging skin, and those features associated with attractiveness, including skin smoothness, clarity, and evenness are visualized and measured accurately. Already, Antera 3D™ has some exciting applications and I am sure it will prove invaluable to cosmetic doctors, surgeons and dermatologists all over the world.

Dr. Peter Prendergast - President, European College of Aesthetic Medicine Dublin, Ireland.

The Antera software is very simple to use, all its functions are intuitive and the learning curve is low. The images give a nice 3D view of the lesions and the changes in the lesions can be followed up accurately, while the data can be easily analysed thanks to the reports generated. This is the most user-friendly 3D camera that we have ever used, and we look forward to using the Antera 3D in clinical practice in the future.

Bibi van Montfrans, MD - Dermatologist VUmc, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands.