Key features

Standard      Pro        (Higher versions include all features of lower versions)

Measure multiple skin features  Antera 3D® is versatile and rich in features. It is the only product currently available on the market that can analyse wrinkles, texture, volumes, skin colour, redness and pigmentation. These features will help you to make the most of all the different treatments you offer.
Fast software and user-friendly interface Image acquisition is incredibly fast and user interface is very intuitive. Images can be taken in less than one second and saved, analysed and generated as a report in about 90 seconds. Our software is very easy to use and does not require a lengthy training.
“Before & After” comparison Antera 3D® excels in the comparison of “Before & After” images. Select the attribute (e.g. texture) you wish to visualise in the baseline image and the software will automatically sync all images to the same attribute.
Quantitative assessment of treatments’ results Comparison of “Before & After” images is easy and immediate. Prove to your patients a 55% reduction in pigmentation, rather than relying on an uncertain visual judgement.
Spot-On™ – Automatic matching No need for a facial positioning system. Spot-On™ ensures that areas selected in different images are in registry, by automatically correcting displacements due to different positions of the patient when images are captured.
Reproducible photography The ALSTM algorithm (Ambient Light Subtraction) and polarising filters ensure complete independence on external illumination and reliable measurements every time.
Accurate measurements and repeatable results The Antera software is highly accurate, with a ± 5% error – best available. It offers accurate comparison of Before & After images to enable tracking progress and measuring efficacy of treatments
Light and portable The Antera 3D® can be used on all parts of the body unlike most other competing products, which are only suitable for the face.
3D viewing Visualize the skin’s surface in real 3D from any angle, under any illumination condition, in Texture, Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Redness or Volume Modes. Vary the angle of illumination from 0° to 360° to highlight the subtlest details of your patient’s skin.
Multi-spectral imaging Unlike standard skin analysis systems where only three colour channels (Red, Green, Blue) are acquired, the Antera 3D® uses reflectance mapping of seven different light wavelengths spanning the whole visible spectrum, allowing for a more precise view and analysis of skin colour, redness and pigmentation.
Skin texture and wrinkles Perform real quantitative measurements of the skin surface. Measure the texture of the skin, and the length, width and depth of fine lines, wrinkles and folds.
Patients’ reports Improve communication with your patients by providing them with a detailed analysis of treatment results. Use images and data in graphic form to track improvement and plan new treatments.
Data archive Create and maintain a history of your clients’ treatments and keep a record of their results for medico-legal purposes.
Image export Export JPEG images for use in your PowerPoint presentations and publications.
Networking Easily store images on a server, that all your staff can quickly access.
Multi-license No need to purchase additional licences. The Antera software can be installed on several terminals, giving you and your clinic great flexibility.
Volume measurement Measure soft tissue augmentation after using dermal fillers and volume of skin protrusions and depressions, such as hypertrophic and atrophic scars.
Pores’ measurement Measure the number of pores in the region of interest, the pores’ total volume and their volume per unit area.