Skin analysis as it should be.

For the analysis and evaluation of skin. Marvellous 3D analysis of the skin texture and wrinkles with impressive evaluation of redness and pigmentation.

Seeing is believing.

Antera 3D stands out. No other product can analyze wrinkles, texture, volumes, skin colour, redness and pigmentation. These features help clinicians to make the most out of all the treatments they offer.



Cutting edge 3D multispectral technology.

All delivered for best performance in skin imaging. Antera 3D® is an highly sophisticated device, yet incredibly easy to use.

Clear, quantitative evidence.

Demonstrate the benefits of your skin treatments. Keep communication clear.  Visible results, analysed and printed for review with your clients.



So much happens in a finger click.

Unprecedented level of information is reached in a single click.  A quick scan shows how rough the skin is, how deep the wrinkles are and what degree of sun damage and redness is present.

State of the art in digital skin analysis.

With Antera 3D®, all the elements of aging skin, and those features associated with beauty, including skin smoothness, clarity, and evenness are visualized and measured accurately.