Antera 3D at a glance

A new approach to skin analysis

Antera 3D® is a camera that allows marvellous 3D analysis of the skin texture and wrinkles with impressive evaluation of redness and pigmentation. Antera 3D® accurately measures and visualizes skin features associated with ageing and beauty including skin smoothness, clarity, and evenness. A quick scan shows how rough the skin is, how deep the wrinkles are and what degree of sun damage and redness is present.

Antera 3D® provides quantitative evidence of treatments’ results. It reassures patients on benefits of their treatments and keeps communication clear. Results are visible, analysed and printed for review with your patient.  This evidence-based approach will make your clinic stand out from competition, it will increase the clinic’s profile and enable patients to visually follow their journey to healthier, better looking skin.

 Antera 3D® is equally used by aesthetic doctors and dermatologists in their private practices as a consultation tool for their patients, as well as by cosmetic companies, contract research organisations and laboratories who need a reliable tool for claim support and efficacy studies of their products.