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Antera 3D is the only device combining real 3D imaging with high measurement precision, standardized lighting conditions, versatility of measurements and powerful data analysis.  The Antera 3D is easy to use, image acquisition is fast and data export and analysis a breeze.

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The Antera 3D uses a patented method to reconstruct full three-dimensional images of the skin surface, unlike some competing devices that are 2D systems producing only pseudo-relief images. This makes the Antera 3D particularly suitable for the analysis of topographic features such as wrinkles, skin texture, pores, volume, etc.


Thanks to its patented imaging method, the Antera 3D measurements are very precise across all the parameters measured. For topographic analysis (wrinkles, texture, volumes, etc.), tests performed on artificial skin samples under controlled conditions have determined an instrumental error of less than 2%*, demonstrating the high level of measurement repeatability offered by the Antera 3D camera.

*Tests were carried out according to the Guidelines for Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of NIST Measurement Results, NIST Technical Note 1297 1994 Edition

10 %
Instrumental error


Skin profilometer

Would you like to measure skin topography? Wrinkles, skin texture, pores, acne scars, volumes?

Multi-spectral analyser

Would you like to measure pigmentation and vascular lesions? Brown spots, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, port wine stains, etc.?


Would you like to measure skin colour, skin phototype, ITA angles and colour differences?

You will need 2 or 3 stand alone devices to do that. Or you can use the Antera 3D.


Follow-ups and regions of interest

Baseline and Follow-up images are automatically tagged and displayed in chronological order, providing a clear timeline. Selections are automatically matched and applied across all opened images.

Multi-channel analysis

View and analyse your images in multiple Channels. Display Baseline and Follow-up images in Colour, Wrinkles, Texture, Pigmentation, Redness, etc. simultaneously. Tables, graphs and scores are shown immediately in the Data panel.


Full skin analysis in less than 60 seconds

Point & shoot. Image acquisition takes less than one second. No post-processing is required. All data is available in real-time, even before saving an image.

The Antera software can perform simultaneous analysis across different Channels and tens of images. You can analyse Colour, Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Texture, etc. at the same time.

Generate a full analysis report or export all your data to a CSV file with on click. The Antera software allows seamless comparison of more than 100 images in just a few seconds.


antera 3d

CSV files & batch data export

All data displayed in the Data panel can be exported to a CSV file with one click. For example, if you are analysing 20 images, you will be able to export all data relating to Colour, Wrinkles, Texture, Pigmentation, etc. with just one click.

antera 3d


Easily generate Reports including all images, graphs and tables.

antera 3d

Raw data export

It is possible to export raw data of z- elevation, colour and spectral values to a text file, allowing you to analyse image data with a third-party application.

antera 3d

Jpeg files export

The Antera software can export all images, tables and graphs in Jpeg format with a single click.


The Antera 3D is very easy to use. The camera is light (~500 grams/1 pound), portable and no set-up time is required. No mounting support or camera alignment is necessary. Just point & shoot. The Antera software offers many advanced algorithms to assist the operator to acquire and analyse images correctly.

Anti-blurring algorithm

The Antera software detects camera movement and will warn you in real time if the camera is shaken. This prevents saving blurred images.

Image artefacts detection

The Antera software detects artefacts due to non-optimal lighting conditions and will warn you in real time if this happens.

Exposure indicator

The Antera software automatically detects the light exposure. Optimal values of exposure turn the indicator green. If an image is over-exposed (red indicator) or under-exposed (yellow indicator), the software will warn you.

Real time registry of images

When a Follow-up image is acquired, the Antera software checks its registration to the Baseline image in real time. A red frame indicates that the Follow-Up image is out of registry and should be retaken until the frame turns to a green colour.

Automatic matching

Automatic Matching is a proprietary algorithm that precisely matches the selection on the Baseline image across all Follow-up images. Combined with the Real time registry of images, it makes image acquisition and analysys exact and very fast.


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