Antera 3D

Developed at the Physics Department of Trinity College Dublin, Antera 3D® is a unique product in many ways. 

Versatile and rich in features. The only camera that can accurately measure wrinkles, texture, scars, skin color, redness and pigmentation. It provides a full overview of the skin at a touch of a button, allowing you to visualise and quantify a wealth of skin parameters.

Fast and portable. Image acquisition takes less than a second. Full analysis and report generation is done in less than 90 seconds. Unlike most competing products, Antera 3D® is easy to carry around and to use on any body part.

Measurements are highly accurate, with a ± 5% error – best available. Software assisted image comparisons show before-and-after treatments efficacy and enable progress tracking.





Tech Specs

  • Field of view: 56x56mm

  • Resolution: 0.1mm

  • 3D Depth Resolution: 0.01mm

  • Accuracy: ±5%

  • Connection: USB

  • Net weight: 0.5Kg

  • Power supply: 110-240 VAC/50-60 Hz

  • Absorbed power: 1.4VA (standby), 6.2VA (operating)

Software Versions